Luscious Stripper Candi

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With a stripper for rent like Candi, there’s no limit to your fantasies.
Thanks to her golden hair and her easygoing attitude, she’s always herself, and she shows that on the dance floor too.
Her moves are subtle, and her sex appeal is off the roof.

If you think you can get her to do something special for you, you should definitely ask.
Candi loves to interact with her public, and she loves to get things done in an extremely sensual way, bringing her body closer and closer to the audience.With a body like hers, who wouldn’t love to get a glimpse? Let’s see what Candi is all about.

Who’s Candi?

Candi is a beautiful slim girl with a lot of tricks up her sleeves.
This incredible private dancer has the beauty of a vixen printed on her face, but the way she dances tells a completely different story.

She’s probably the wildest stripper for rent that we’ve had here at Foxxy models, and that’s not an understatement!

You know she’s about to get down to it when she starts looking at you and she gently touches herself from head to toe, raising her hair and letting it drop on her shoulders.
With a sensual movement that slowly sees her arms and her hands slide down on her entire body.

Your bachelor party will feel like a completely different world when Candi comes in.
Your friends will be astonished at the pure skills that Candi possesses in capturing the attention and making things hot, extremely hot.

It’s that powerful moment that makes the entire night worth it, and it’s exactly why we at Foxxy models are so proud of Candi.
Book her now for a fantastic night that will forever remain carved in your best memories.

The Ultimate Private Party Stripper

If you want Candi to shine, you have to take her home with you, literally. Candi loves to perform in front of small audiences because she is able to drive the attention of everybody thanks to the way she moves her body and her hands in a rhythmic fashion.

A private party stripper like her can emphasize the incredible moments that you and your friends are going to live.

Having a night full of steamy excitement and gorgeous dance moves.
With her butt up in the air, Candi can make it clear what she wants from you – attention, attention, attention.

The more gazes you give her, the more she will give back.

If she feels like the entire group is into her, she goes into wild mode, and when you see her that way, you’ll never want to go back.
Make her feel appreciated and she will make you feel amazing!

Call us now to live this experience with Candi or any other private party stripper that we currently have in our lineup.

We guarantee you that our female strippers will always be ready for you at all times, with costumes and toys being a big part of the show

Hire a Bootylicious Stripper

There’s no fun in seeing someone getting ready for you on the strip pole, if you aren’t hot and heavy.
Of course, they could have other qualities, but we at Foxxy models focus specifically on girls that have nice round booties so that you get to enjoy the best strippers for rent.

Candi is no exception to the rule, offering one of the best butts you’ll find in our lineup. Thanks to her amazing body.

Candi can easily make you follow her movements with a simple shake of her nice round bubble butt, and even when that’s not enough, she’ll know what to do.

In fact, Candi loves challenges.
When she notices that people take more time to steam up than she would usually estimate, she goes in at full speed.
That’s when you should truly start paying attention, and not just figuratively this time around!

Contact us directly to get her at your own bachelor party.
You won’t regret it!