Gina and Vanessa

Gina and Vanessa party strippers
Gina and Vanessa bachelor party strippers
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Gina and Vanessa party strippers

Gina & Vanessa

Have you ever wondered what the perfect lesbian duo would look like?
Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Foxxy Models is proud to present Gina and Vanessa – the perfect lesbian duo.

Yes, you heard that right. You can finally book bachelor party packages with these two bombshells.
Not only are they extremely seductive and ready to tackle the dancing pole, but they’re also tremendously capable private dancers which can steam up any room.

Don’t believe us? Here are their stats.

Who’s Gina?

Gina is a slim girl with a tiny waist and proportionately sized breasts.
She is a very talented stripper for rent with light skin and sexy, long legs that make her stand out.
In comparison to Vanessa, she is definitely thinner, but also taller and more flexible.
Her black hair falls onto her shoulders in a very seductive way and her perfectly sized waist is just right.

She might even look a little bit shy from the pictures, but don’t get fooled – Gina is a party girl. She knows what she wants and she’s out to get it.

With her warmth and her skills, Gina can make you and your friends feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before.
Her ability to seduce is unparalleled, and her leg action is one of a kind.
Once she spreads them apart and twists them around the dancing pole, you’ll want to jump with joy out of excitement.

Without a doubt, Gina is a Rockstar – or should we say the best stripper in ontario!

Whatever the case, you hire strippers like her at any point in time by contacting Foxxy Models.
And remember – Vanessa doesn’t go anywhere without her, so you’ll get an even better deal.

Who’s Vanessa?

Compared to Gina, Vanessa is a different kind of sexy.

First and foremost – her breasts.
We could spend a whole day talking about how pompous and absolutely gorgeous her upper torso looks, but we’ll limit ourselves to saying that she has the type of breasts a boob-lover dreams during the night.

Full, soft, natural, and – most importantly – big, really big!

Other than her fantastic breasts, Vanessa is such a sharp private dancer that she will absolutely throw you off the first time you see her.
With her darker skin, she contrasts with Gina perfectly and she complements the duo in a beautiful way.

Her skin is perfectly smooth, almost like silk.
She walks slowly and sensually, making you wonder what lies behind her appearance.
Of course, she will keep that a mystery so that you can fantasize and get to know her wildest side, the one which private dancers like her know how to show best.

When she gets on the dancefloor, she can prove to anybody what it means to be extremely talented.

Her dance moves are to die for, and her interactions with the environment she’s top notch, especially during bachelor parties.

If capturing the attention of all your friends is what you’re looking for, then Vanessa knows how to do that with her naughty strip show.
Book her now together with Gina and live a bachelor party that will forever make you wish you had met her before.

Slim Figure vs. Bombshell – The Perfect Combination

Gina and Vanessa have a lot in common, but their body shape is unique.
One is slim, with light skin and dark hair; the other is a true bombshell with curves and a year-long tan.
Overall, these two private dancers really contrast with one another from a body perspective, but once you see them in action, you truly understand why the combination works so well.

Gina is swift and very seductive with her moves, doing a lot of stuff that requires special training.
Vanessa instead takes things a bit slower to show off her body and surprise you one step at a time.

This combination of swift explosiveness and pure sex appeal is nothing short of extraordinary, and we believe that you’ll love it more than anything else.

Book them both now for a special treatment and get your bachelor party finally rolling.
With these two girls, you and your friends can finally enjoy a night where your minds are going to wander off and take you far, far away.
Wether you are in blue mountain, collingwood, or muskoka they will handle all your party expectations.