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When you think about sexy, Jade is the visualization of it.
A female stripper with big round breasts, a bubble bottom and – most importantly – strip skills to die for.
She is the dream, and she’s ready to work as your private dancer.

Beautiful, perfectly balanced, and easily recognizable thanks to her moves-
This amazing bombshell is the reason why we love spreading the word out and helping people achieve fantastic bachelor party ideas with their friends.

Her curvy body is perfectly built to give you the absolute best private performance.
If you want her, you can get her. But first, let’s see what she has in store for us.


Who’s Jade?

With a private dancer like Jade, you can achieve an epic bachelor party or stag party with your friends and see what it means to have a full-blown bombshell in front of you at all times.
You can rest assured, Jade won’t skimp on the details – she will show it all.

Before getting there though, Jade will make you fantasize about it; that’s her specialty.

Not only does she know how to create the best possible atmosphere for seduction, she also knows how to make you dream about her body, even when you have it right in front of you.

With her perfectly sized breasts, her thin waist, and her round bottom, this house party stripper will get to know you and start caressing herself with increasing intensity.

Before you can even realize what’s going on anymore, she’d be grinding the pole and twerking on it like a dream.

We know that you will love her and that’s why you can get her now by simply contacting Foxxy Models and asking for her.
Your bachelor party just got to a whole new level.

House Party or Private Party?

With Jade, you can do it all.
She’s a house party stripper, she comes to you personally, she even comes with you in your rented limousine if that’s your thing.

Jade is very versatile; she doesn’t ask, she just gives.
What she loves doing the most is showing off her body because she knows that it looks good and she wants to take advantage of that by letting you enjoy it as well.

Be it a bachelor party or a stag party, Jade wants to be involved in it.

She cares about showing you what she can do best, and she particularly loves to make everyday environments hot and sexy places that have never seen such gorgeous material.

No one beats her at her own game.
After all, other strippers can only try to compete with a body like that, especially her bottom.
If you want to have this doll in your own house or at a bachelor party, book her now and live the night of your life.

Keeping Up with the Times – A Modern In House Stripper

Jade isn’t your traditional private dancer; she’s a truly modern in house stripper which knows what people love nowadays.
Of course, her list of skills is quite varied, but she loves twerking and doing naughty things with her bubble bottom.

You can see it in the way she moves and in the way she acts – she doesn’t joke around.

If she wants to excite you, she will do that. If she wants to arouse you, she will do that.

If she wants to blow your mind, she will find the best way to do that.

That’s because Jade is so multi-faceted that she even has different ways of creating buzz in the room. She’s such an experienced private dancer that she knows how to turn boys into real men without a hitch.

Without a doubt, she is one of the most popular strippers from Foxxy Models.
You can get her now by contacting us!