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Foxxy Models is proud to announce Jessica – the girl of your dreams.

Jessica is quite simply the best in house stripper you could ever ask for. She’s slim, gorgeous and – most of all – sexy. She can move her waist in ways that are absolutely unique and make you lose your mind in a matter of seconds.

But who is she? Let’s get to know her.

Whos Jessica?


Jessica is a fantastic private dancer with platinum blonde hair and a body to die for. Her abs are killer, and her nice round ass speaks for itself.

You don’t need to do much in order to appreciate her since she’ll literally blow you away as soon as you see her.

Her tight figure is unique and extremely well-built, and she is the girl of your dreams.

Using her toys, whip cream, costumes, and other fun objects that will make you want to get it going sooner rather than later.

This sinuous body invites to you to take part in something that’s both eccentric and exotic at the same time.

You know you’re looking at her when she starts doing her belly dance and hypnotize you with her hips.

Long hair, thin waist, sculpted abs, nice breasts. And she can be yours. Book her now and she will create the right atmosphere at bachelor parties, house parties, and other events.

Take Jessica Anywhere With You

Jessica is a stripper to go. You can invite her to come anywhere with you and make your night that much better, even in your limousine or at your bachelor party. She’s one of the sexiest models that we have to offer, and you are going to love the way she moves and dances.

Waiting to strip in front of you and your friends, Jessica can truly revolutionize your bachelor party. In fact, you can invite her to any party and make her do things that you would otherwise only dream of.

Her body is the key to her success, and her dance moves are the cherry on top.

She has a way of communicating with her hips that is absolutely otherworldly, making you and your friends drool over her in a night full of hot, messy excitement.

Fortunately, Jessica is a versatile stripper for rent with a lot of experience in many different areas of event-making and private dancing. You can book her for a hot bachelor party night now!

A Private Dancer Unlike Any Other

If you wish to keep Jessica all to yourself, you can definitely do that. In fact, Jessica loves to perform privately in front of a small audience or even just one guy who appreciates her from top to bottom.

When performing privately, Jessica will bring out her true self, creating a type of atmosphere that wouldn’t otherwise be possible in a party environment.

She will caress herself in sensual ways while also making you feel the absolute pleasure of having a private conversation with her body.

Her soft skin and her hand movements will invite you to a private moment that only she knows how to handle, and we promise, it’ll be epic.

If you’re the type of guy that loves pleasure most of all.

Also you want to experience something never even thought could become reality, then Jessica is the private dancer for you.

She’s tall, slim, sexy, and an expert at what she does. Book her now and discover her world without compromise.

Either by yourself or with others, Jessica will make sure to adapt to the situation and cleanse your mind from stressful thoughts or memories.

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