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Kate is the type of girl that walks around the city with tight sweats and a tiny top, showing all the curves in the right places.
This stripper for rent will show you what it means to use sexy costumes the right way, and her toys will never disappoint you.

In fact, Kate can do so much more with toys than traditional strippers for rent usually can.
Of course, we don’t want to spoil the fun for you, so we’re not going to say much; simply know that she’s been given a special award for her secret move.

You might even find out more about it right below.

Who’s Kate?

Kate is an incredible stripper for rent with a body that can only be described as perfectly built, and with curves that only the hottest strippers posess.

This private dancer is a bombastic chick with a lot to give in terms of pure excitement.
She will twist her back and show you what it means to shake that booty in a professional way.
No more joking around here, she’s the real deal.
Big butt, large breasts, perfectly sized hips, and a flat tummy to die for.

She makes you want to beat your chest in awe without even drinking.

Therefore when you do drink, she turns you into a mythical beast, ready to accept any challenge and any proposition.
If you’re not ready for that, start preparing, because she will not hold back.
You can hire a stripper like Kate directly by contacting Foxxy models and letting us know what you would like to book her for.

Be it a bachelor party, or if your looking for house party strippers, or maybe just a get together with your friends, she will be ready for you.
Book her now!

Want to hire a stripper but need discretion?
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Our Bachelor Party Packages

Kate loves to go to bachelor parties.
She loves seeing boys turning into real men, using her long dark hair to hypnotize you and moving her body to capture your attention in an unprecedented way.
You’ll come out of the room not remembering what your name is anymore.

With a female stripper like her, you can finally live the dream and enjoy the best bachelor party with your friends.
No longer will you have to search for wild lesbian strippers, Kate can come over and give you the best treatment of your life.

With our bachelor party package, you can get as many girls as you want at affordable prices, making it easy to have fun in your private house while also creating the right atmosphere for an epic bachelor party.

Simply call us for a quote and we’ll get Kate ready for you with the costume you like most.
She’ll obviously bring her toys (she might even show you her secret, who knows), and she’ll do her best to hypnotize your friends into pure happiness.

The In House Stripper

Kate loves to show up where you live and mesmerize you with her tricks, making you fantasize, doing it with her body.
You can trust us when we say that she does it well.
After you’ll see her, you’ll be very satisfied.
With an in house stripper like her, you can do whatever you have in mind.
House party, bachelor party, poolside sessions, private dances – anything and everything you have in mind.

Simply ask and it’ll be provided to you on a silver platter.

You can hire beautiful strippers like Kate right now and enjoy the benefit of having a sexy stripper in the comfort of your own home- or party.

Busty stripper kate can serve you in multiple events, as well as lesbian strippers can come to you door