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Khloe and Kitty

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Khloe & Kitty

Finally, the duo that you’ve been waiting for. Khloe and Kitty are both hot and ready to start dancing at your bachelor party or anywhere else you might want them to. In fact, they love interacting with each other so much that they always stay together.

With their lush bodies, these private dancers are ready to tackle your bachelor party and make it a serious night, one that your friends will never forget

Hot and messy, these girls’ bodies will make you want to scream their names out loud.

Let’s get to know them better.


Who’s Khloe?

Khloe is a naughty private dancer with dark hair and a lot to offer. She loves to go out with her belly button showing off her piercing, just like Kitty. Both of them love to interact together and match outfits.

Khloe and Kitty have similar breast sizes, but Khloe loves to show off her cleavage when she goes out and – of course – she loves the dancefloor. In fact, her stripping skills are so good that she’s able to make guys go nuts while still keeping her clothes on – a rare ability.

Khloe is an incredible private dancer that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

The way her hips move to make you feel like you are part of something amazing and her arms and legs follow accordingly.

You can never have enough of her and that’s why we at Foxxy Models want her to be in her best shape at all times. If you want to have her at your bachelor party, contact us. She will give you the performance of a lifetime.


Who’s Kitty?

Kitty is Khloe’s twin private dancer. They’re inseparable, and there’s a good reason why. Both complement each other perfectly thanks to their magical moves which allow them to steam up the atmosphere in any kind of environment.

Be it a bachelor party or a stag party, Kitty wants to make you feel worth it.

She’s the one that drives the experience and completely envelopes the stage with hot, messy, sexy moves. 

Of the two, Kitty is the leader while Khloe is the performer. Together, they form a duo unlike any other.

Seeing them in action is like watching a movie – albeit a very sexy one.

The storyline unfolds as the two girls start swinging their clothes around, and filling the atmosphere with a lot of hot steam.

There’s nothing quite like it, so you should definitely try it!

Book Kitty and her close follower Khloe for a bachelor party that everyone will remember as truly epic.  

Skin, sweat, dance moves, music, and alcohol. What more could you ask for?

Fireworks on the Dancefloor

Khloe and Kitty are like fireworks on the dancefloor. They combine their energy together until you get to live the surprises that they have in store for you at your bachelor party. Pirouettes, handstands, acrobatics – an incredible spectacle worthy of New Year’s Eve.

These dark-haired private dancers will make you feel absolutely incredible, and your friends won’t thank you enough for bringing them out to your bachelor party.

With Kitty leading the way, Khloe can only shine.

Together, they enhance each other’s qualities in a fantastic manner. Their bodies are sinuous and elegant, and their athleticism is easy to fall in love with. Without a doubt, they are an explosive duo, just like fireworks.

You can have them by contacting Foxxy Models now and enjoying the best bachelor party ever. If you don’t want to miss out on these two fantastic girls, book them now!