Exotic Dancer Layla

Layla Party Stripper
hot bikini dancer tanning


With a body like hers, you simply can’t stop to look at her and wonder what kind of talent she hides in plain sight.
In fact, Layla is one of the girls that’s most requested and you should probably hire her too thanks to her sexy stripteases and sultry shows.

Her tanned body is an inviting and curvaceous message to send to all of your friends for an incredible bachelor party that will make the history of your night outs.
Don’t forget to tell us how you would like her to be dressed and we will provide!

But first of all, let’s get to know Layla better.


Who’s Layla?

Layla is your dream come true. When you go to the beach and see all of those perfect bodies, you know you’re going to see someone that looks exactly like her. Perfect tan, incredible abs, properly sized breasts, and a bottom to die for.
With her curves and her dynamic features, Layla is a bombshell ready to explode.

Dancing through the night and leaning onto the pole, she will make your friends shout and scream from excitement.
And remember, all of this is done privately in your premises.

What more could you possibly ask for?

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If you are looking for discretion, then send us an email and we’ll reply promptly.

Your bachelor party deserves better after all, don’t you think?

Hire a Stripper with a Body to Kill For

Layla’s body truly is the main attraction here.
You can’t un-see it, you can’t deny it – she is just awesome, out of this world awesome.
Her stripper skills can make a grown man rediscover his wildest side and her natural breasts move together with her hips in a hypnotizing way.

Whenever you feel like having fun, you can hire this stripper for rent and get your bachelor party ideas off the ground.

Being a great performer, Layla is the perfect exotic dancer to steam up the night and get things going right off the bat!

Hire a stripper now and make your friends live the night of their lives.
With Layla, you will rub your eyes in disbelief!
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Your Private Dancer – All For You

Even though we organize bachelor parties and stag parties, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have Layla all for yourself.
Of course, it’s going to be more intimate, but she will always do her best to make you feel comfortable and ready.

Her private strip shows are legendary, and as soon as you’ll feel confident, you can bring her out to your friends for them to have a little fun as well.

Remember that Layla is always ready and always part of the night’s wild atmosphere.
If you ask her nicely, she’ll probably do it.
Our bachelor party packages are also legendary, bringing you from a normal night out to a wild, exceptional journey through the sexiest, most explicit moves you’ll have ever encountered in your life.

Layla is a big part of that obviously, but so are our other girls.

If you want to find out what this legendary night out could be like, contact us now and we’ll be able to advise you what’s best for the incredible moment you are looking for.
Layla can come together with a few friends of hers and make the night a truly special memory to reminisce in the future with your closest pals.

She’s ready – what about you?