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If you never thought that you could have someone who looked like a top actress at your in house party, you’d be wrong. Nina is so gorgeous that she will completely lock everyone in place once she gets to your in house party.

Naughty nina can also work at bachelor parties or stag parties. Her body is a dream in itself, but her dance moves are the part where you will completely lose it. Sexy, lush, funny, smart – she already won the Oscar.


Here are a few facts about this amazing girl.
Who’s Nina?

Nina is your private stripper for rent, but not any private stripper for rent – she’s THE in house stripper you never thought would even exist. And yet she does!

We say that because looking at her you can’t help but rub your eyes in disbelief. With a thin tanned body, long legs, large breasts, and an overall hourglass shape, this girl can lighten your mood in a matter of seconds. And you get to look at her for hour!

With that amount of time, you and your friends can organize the best bachelor party ever. Not once where we told that Nina didn’t meet expectations, and that’s because she’s not just a pretty doll who doesn’t know how to move. She gets it on!

Whipped cream, toys, costumes and lingerie – she does it all without even asking.

So, are you ready to get to know her? Call now or send us a message and mention her personally.

We at Foxxy Models will do our best to make sure that she’s in the best shape possible to get an epic bachelor party going for you.

Many in house strippers are beautiful but show their best sides while dancing. Nina instead is simply drop-dead gorgeous. Of course, her moves will capture your attention, but what about her body and her face? She’s a top model and it truly shows.

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If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own top model back at home or at your own bachelor party, then you have it right here.

Nina is the dream. Her abs are killer, her ass is full, her waist is slim, and her legs are lush and balanced. Even her feet are gorgeous and that’s something that usually only a few men love more than anything else.

With captivating eyes and a smile that will make you feel at ease, Nina is one of the best in house strippers that Foxxy Models can offer. Finally, you can hire strippers like her and get to live a true dream. Book this private dancer now for a wild session!

The Complete Package – Sex Appeal and Dance Moves.

We’ve already mentioned a thousand times how gorgeous Nina is, now let’s get down to the business – her dance moves. Nina doesn’t joke around when she starts dancing after all.

This private dancer likes to start off strong and then slow down a little bit to then pick up again and see your reaction. She loves doing that because she’s very interactive and she turns on as you do too.

In particular, she loves what she does because she knows that you will completely forget what you’ll have to do the day after, and that’s what she cares about most – making you live the moment and forget about your responsibilities.

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That’s why she’s the perfect bachelor party stripper.

After all, marriage is a big commitment and having that one night where you don’t have to think about it is crucial to living a healthy relationship with your loved one.

What are you waiting for? Book her now! She’s beautiful, talented, and smart. She knows what you want, and she can give it to you without any compromises. Fully naked and fully yours.