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If you’ve ever wanted to see a hot stripper that looked like a dream do her thing naked on the dance floor, you finally have someone that meets those requirements.
Paulina IS a top stripper, and even if she doesn’t work for Playboy yet, we’re sure she’ll be there in no time at all.

If you look at her body, you can’t find a flaw, and being a stripper for rent, she knows what it means to have fun at your bachelor party.
With her wildest moves and her best tricks, she will be able to take you into another dimension, something which you’ve probably never felt.

Let’s dive right into it.


Who’s Paulina?

Paulina is the stripper for rent you never thought even existed.
She’s so perfect she could truly walk the catwalk if she wanted to.
Fortunately, she’s so in love with stripping and showing you what she can do with her body that you won’t have to see her through a TV screen.

It’s not just about stripping for her though, it’s also about making it fun.

She’s a private dancer unlike any other, making you interact with her moves in a way that’s unique to her.
If you follow her, you get lost in a world of fantasy.
Your bachelor party will upgrade to the next level if you invite someone like her at your doorstep.

We assure you that you won’t believe your eyes when you see her for the first time.

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Twenty-two, 5’5, big hooters, tight body, round butt. Shes got it all!

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You can have it all, and most of all, you can have it the way you want it.
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A Stripper for Rent or a Naughty school girl?

All of your buddies will be in extreme pleasure when you hire Paulina as a stripper for rent.
In fact, most of your friends will start jumping for joy, and that’s great just the way it is.

In fact, Paulina has all the traits that’s make make your group gather, but she simply likes to perform lesbian tricks with her stripper friends to get the men excited.
Our bachelor party packages are the greatest thing about strippers for rent like Paulina, because you can enjoy all the fun that they bring while also organizing the best night of your life, together with your best friends.

Private dancers like her will only add the necessary flair that bachelor parties are known for, but Foxxy models goes one step ahead, providing you with premium stag party services that will forever carve a spot in your best memories.

Hire a stripper like Paulina now and take a hold of your own bachelor party.
Show your friends what it means to be a real man and get this jaw-dropping striptease on the dancefloor for everybody to see.
She won’t mind at all!

Your House Party Stripper

You don’t have to limit yourself to bachelor parties.
After all, those don’t happen all that often. Instead, you can invite Paulina to be your private dancer at home!
How about that?
Having someone like her in your living room can only lead to a night of pure excitement.
With a stripper to go like her, you have the flexibility to choose where to get your party going, and what to do in the first place.

Be it at the cottage, at home, at a special venue, or anywhere else.
You choose the place, we provide the atmosphere.
Book your house party stripper now and show everybody what it means to live like a man.
Paulina will not only revolutionize your world, she’ll make it that much better.

You can call for a quote and let us know what you’re looking for the most in Paulina.

She’ll be ready for you in no time at all.