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If you thought you had seen it all, wait until you see Sarah.
Her wild tongue skills are to die for, and her height is only representative of how quick she can switch from standing to upside down.
She doesn’t just dance, she acts it, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with how she moves.

In fact, a tight body means a more agile and versatile girl that can hop from stage to stage and twirl around the pole like nobody else in our lineup can.
She’s quick, she’s sexy, and she has a perky personality. If you see her, you love her.

And here’s why.


Who’s Sarah?

Sarah is an “atypical” 25 year-old brunette exotic dancer that breaks all kinds of barriers and stereotypes.
When you hire strippers like her, you never know what to expect, and yet by the end of it you want nothing but her, every single time.

That’s because she’s the most extravagant private dancer you’ll ever hire.

With our bachelor party packages, you can have her and other girls all for yourself, ready to rock your world together with your friends.

You’ll know you’re going to love it once she’ll start licking the whipped cream off of her chest with her pierced tongue.
If that doesn’t sound intriguing to you, how about a 90 degree handstand twerk?
Sounds like a deal?

Then contact us immediately and book Sarah for your bachelor party!

She absolutely loves it when she gets to go to bachelor parties, making the night a real adventure.

The Best Option for Your Bachelor Party Idea

Your friends will never know. They’ll probably think that you hired an extremely tall stripper with blonde hair and blue eyes, when in reality they’ll get to know the best in house stripper they’ll have ever seen in their lives.

With her curves and her height, Sarah can twist and twirl around the pole like an atomic bombshell ready to make everyone explode out of pure excitement.
The pictures are good enough for us to show you what she’s like, but when she goes up onto the dancefloor, she simply cannot make it any clearer what she loves doing most, and that’s twerking.

We know you love it, and so do we!

Sarah’s bubble bottom is so exciting it’ll fill the atmosphere with a steaming hot sensation that only she can release.
Never again will you come out of a night thinking it wasn’t nothing but a blast.
She will rock your bachelor party.

Book this sexy stripper for rent now and enjoy her qualities in a private environment.

Ordering in sarah is a spectacular choice, because you can stay right where you are and she’ll come directly to you, just like using the sexiest pizza delivery service ever.

Pizza not included, sorry!

A Private Dancer that Knows Her Thing

Sarah knows how to dance, there’s no doubt about that.
So many strippers for rent nowadays say they can dance when in reality they only have a pretty body and face.
Sarah instead knows what it means to get the room going with the moves, and she does that in the most sensual way ever.

With her hips and her toes, she starts climbing the pole, making her way to the top, only to go down as her breasts fall in line with her body and start becoming one with her sensual movements.
That’s pretty exciting if you were to ask us.

But why ask when you can see it for yourself!

Sarah is always ready to help you reach your bachelor party goals, so book her now and have your friends break their jaws as they see this fantastic girl dictating the rhythm of the night.

Don’t scream too loud though, and don’t say we didn’t warn you!
She’s HOT!