Blonde stripper Tasha

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busty blonde in toronto
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Blonde Stripper Tasha


Tasha’s body is a never-ending journey throughout curves and dips that can only be described as absolutely mind-blowing.

Her back is extremely well-defined, and it culminates in a fantastic bubble butt that’s unbelievably sexy.

You can rest assured, this stripper for rent is going to rule the dancing pole whenever she gets on top of it.

Her body will wrap around it to show you what it means to have fun in whatever environment you wish to see her dancing.

Let’s get to know this incredible in house stripper.

Who’s Tasha?

Tasha is one of the best private party strippers in the industry. This beauties long, platinum blonde hair fall perfectly in line with her body and her waist is so sinuous you will never want to stop looking at it move and move on the dancefloor.

Tasha is a versatile stripper for parties which especially loves to dance at bachelor parties.

This fabulous lady cares for her body more than anything else and it truly shows.

Her tummy is flat, but her bottom is not. With her breasts being so pronounced, she’s the perfect example of an hourglass shape, something that will make the guys at your party burst with joy.

Being so addicting, and can seduct her ways every single day, and which this model does that by making sure that you enjoy the best house party imaginable.

Fortunately, Tasha is ready to handle any of your requests.

Wether be it a private dance, a bachelor party, a stag party, or anything else you might want to do with her. She can do it all.

In fact, tasha goes above and beyond to give you what you didn’t even ask for.

Foxxy Models is extremely proud of having her dance for our customers and we want you to realize what her full potential is.

Hire tasha now and enjoy a bachelor party unlike any other!

Explore Tasha’s Body

This Goddess knows how to take her body and make it yours.

With special talent, she knows how to use her hips, legs, arms, and overall body shape to capture your attention. While also making you wish for more, which means she’ll never be out of moves.

Her body is her weapon, but her dance moves are her gunpowder.

Without them, her body would only be a pretty shape to look at, but when she includes those moves, it becomes a spectacle unlike any other.

Exploring Tasha’s body is like going on an adventure, you never know what to expect until it hits you.

Her hips are so soft and well-rounded that you’ll feels absolutely hypnotized by the way they curve and flex.

Her breasts are perfectly sized while her bottom completely throws it out of the park. Round, juicy, sized to perfection.

Once you see it in person, you wish you’d see it every single time you go out. Thankfully, now you can!
Tasha is a hot party model that wants to help you realize all of your dreams.

Contact Foxxy Models now to get her going at your bachelor party! You will love her performance.

Lesbian Shows and Party Tricks

All of our models love to take part in lesbian shows. If that’s your thing, we’ve got you covered.

Tasha especially loves to get it going with other strippers for rent and touch them in sensual ways while dancing and kissing.

You can only imagine what that looks like.

Of course, just like you, Tasha loves to have fun as well. From time to time, she can perform some party tricks that will wow your audience and make you scream out of pure excitement. 

A night with tasha is a night to remember.

Book Tasha now and spice up your bachelor party with a girl that knows a thing or two about how to create the right atmosphere in a room full of men.

She wants it, you want it, so why not get her going?