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Have you ever wanted to throw a male stripper surprise birthday party?
We know you did, and that’s why we’re offering you just that!
You can finally have fun at your bachelorette party with our butlers in the buff and our sexy, masculine male strippers.

We have a great variety of male strippers that will absolutely blow your mind, including male butlers who are more than willing to get down and dirty with other women and show you what they’re truly capable of.

Foxxy models is proud to present you with some of the best models in the industry: sexy, smart, playful, but most of all, ready to tackle any of your requests.
From wild dances to entire shows, our male strippers are the perfect fit for your bachelorette party.

The Choice is Yours

Damien, Rocco, Sebastian – we have them all.
If you know the body type, we have the stripper for it.
Rocco for example is a dark-skinned macho man with full beard and a knack for slips.


Damien is your “typical” top model with killer abs and overall great body shape.
Sebastian instead likes to show his wildest side on the dancefloor.

No matter which one you choose, you will always benefit from a male stripper that not only knows how to interact with the audience, but engages actively, sometimes even bringing some girls onto the stage with him at his command.
Always pay attention, you might be the next!

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Your bachelorette party is an important part of your life and by hiring a male stripper you are finally freeing yourself from all responsibility and just enjoying the sight.
Dancing, singing, screaming – you can do it all, together with your friends.

Make your bachelorette party the best night of your life by choosing one of our male strippers and contact us now for an appointment!
You will have a blast.

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The Best Male Stripper Surprise Birthday Party

Do you want to surprise your friends with a fantastic gift that they will always remember?
You can hire your very own butler in the buff to have fun and finally enjoy a night that you’ll never forget together with those who care about you the most.


Making you laugh hysterically and showing you their fun “surprises” are only a few of the many things that our male strippers will be able to pull off in a wild night unlike any other.
Simply choose your favorite one and impress your friends with a phenomenal performance.

From amazing abs to more subtle physiques, our male strippers are uniquely equipped to handle anything and everything, including your wildest dreams.
Sweat? Check.
Dancing naked? Check.
Naughty games? Check.
You really can’t go wrong there, can you?

So what are you waiting for, contact us now and hire your butler in the buff right now.
Is it Brett, Ace, or Maximus that you want the most at the male stripper surprise birthday party you’ll be hosting for your friend?
Whatever your choice may be, prepare to rub your eyes in disbelief!

Fireman, Policeman, or Butler?

We know how fun it can be to play roles and we offer the best way to get things going at the right prices. A fireman, a police agent, or maybe a butler in the buff? No matter what your dream profession is, we have it.


If you’re throwing a male stripper surprise birthday party, then you’ll want to hire only the best models out there, those who are going to make the night special. After all, friends cannot be let down, and our male strippers will never disappoint.

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From fun games to wild dances and strips, these guys know what they’re doing.
Can’t decide on which to choose?
Get them all! With Foxxy models, you can hire as many male strippers as you’d like and we’ll always make sure that they are fit and ready to rock your party.

Hire your butler in the buff now or contact us directly to let us know what your wildest dream party looks like. We’ll make it happen!

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